MHDFS Rights of Way Section


The Society was formed in 1973 to look after and improve the footpaths in the then Malvern Hills District.  In those days it was difficult to walk more than a couple of miles without encountering a severe problem such as missing footbridges, barbed wire, unusable stiles, severe vegetation under and overgrowth and no fingerpost or other way marking.


Today things are much improved and one can now generally expect to take a 10 mile walk in the District without meeting major problems. In the past the MHDFS  contributed to this improvement in many ways including fitting under Local Authority approval up to forty pieces of footpath furniture such as stiles, plank bridges, gates etc per year.


Today the Society contributes by commenting on about 150 planning applications that affect footpaths each year, reporting about 400 (now less serious) problems annually, liaising with Local Authorities and other organisations on footpath policy and day-to-day issues and of course most importantly checking the footpath network by walking paths.


If you are interested in learning more about our uniquely British system of rural access and how to protect it....

then join our Rights of Way Section and volunteer to help in its work!