Twenty seven members of the Society spent five days of walking organised by Sybil Heeks around Llanfyllin in mid Wales.

Llanfyllin Holiday 2007

The Cain Valley Hotel in Llanfyllin -

- provided very comfortable rooms for 20 members while the Pontradin B&B was highly praised by the seven members who stayed there. The whole party combined for dinner each night at the hotel where the food and service was excellent.

A very varied programme allowed members to choose daily from long (10 mile) or shorter (6 mile) walks and included a climb to Cadair Berwyn led by Terry Arnold,

Cadair Berwyn

on cadair berwyn

a bleak moorland crossing east of Lake Vyrnwy led by Liz & Jim Noon - where access was 'limited'

problem fences

and a walk along the River Vyrnwy near Dolanog led by Winn & David Dickason.

Shorter walks were led by Sybil Heeks, Eugene Colwell, Shirley & Richard Willcox and Margaret English.

shoter walks party

In generally ideal walking weather the long walkers covered nearly 45 miles and climbed about 7,500ft of ascent.

Cordon Hill

Visits and short walks were also made to Powis Castle

near Powis Castle

and the Roundton Nature Reserve at Old Church Stoke.

One walk took them to Wyrnwy dam

Wyrnwy dam

and another into a perilous situation

but luckily, they did eventually emerged unscathed, to return home well satisfied with a good walking holiday.


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