Why Join?


It's fun to take part in our walks and social events. Many members only walk occasionally, but still enjoy the various birthday and anniversary parties, the annual dinner and other events and trips that are offered throughout the year.


It's easy to join. All you need to do is to fill in an application form and send it off.

Click here to download the form as a PDF document.


But you don't have to be a member to try out one of our walks. This is what you can do.


Look at our 'Walks Programme' page and decide on the walk that you would like to try out. Then, just turn up at Imperial Road, Malvern at the date and time shown in the programme and introduce yourself to the walkers that are there. (Imperial Road is very close to Great Malvern railway station)


The walkers usually share cars for the trip to the start point.


Please don't forget to take suitable footwear and clothing.


Just get up and go!

You know you want to, so do it.

Get some fresh air.

Lace up those boots and walk.