On Wednesday May 18th a large crowd gathered to celebrate the 95th birthday of Mr Frank Chester.


The celebrations began with a walk of 4.5 miles led by Frank himself!!!


On the way we were left in no doubt that Frank was in charge as he led the way at a cracking pace - a walk rate that many people half his age would have been pleased with. He also stopped occasionally to entertain us with stories related to the immediate area.


These are some photos taken during the walk. (click on them to see a larger picture).


He calmed some worried brows with -

 don't worry, it's only 4.5 miles.








We stopped for a minute for Frank to show us where a bronze age urn was found -

Over there is the gravel pit where the bronze age urn was found








The faster walkers had to stop here to wait for the slow ones.









Then Frank told us about the monkey -

This is where we always tell the story of the monkey which was lost from a circus and found nearby as a skeleton in an attic many years later.







Everyone taking part in the walk left Mathon Village Hall at 13.00 hours taking a circular route which eventually ended back at the hall for the 2nd part of the celebrations - a slap up W.I. tea.


It was all great fun and an appropriate way to mark the 95th birthday of the Society's oldest, and still one of the more active and most highly regarded, members.