Annual Breakfast Walk



Held every year, an early morning walk starts off at about 07.00hrs, usually fairly close to the longest day. After the walk the participants then sit down to a hearty breakfast at a suitable venue, around 09.30/10.00 before making their way home.


Here is an example of an annual breakfast walk that set off from Croft Bank, West Malvern for a walk of about 4 miles across the hills and fields of West Malvern & Mathon.



The photographer couldn't resist snapping these two horses taking an early morning rest.



The weather was ideal, being sunny, warm & still, so no-one minded waiting around at an awkward gate.



Once we got going again it was post-haste back to Croft Bank -



and the dining room of the Elim Conference Centre.



With everyone ready for their meal -



We were soon all tucking in.


All enjoyed a superb full English Breakfast, and no-one was left hungry. In fact many exclaimed that they would need to forgo lunch after stuffing themselves so full.


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