Malvern Hills District Boundary Walking


The boundaries of the old (1974) and new(1998) Malvern Hills District Council which stretch from Worcester to Tarrington and from Tewkesbury to beyond Tenbury Wells have been divided into 30 circular walks of between 9.5 and 11 miles each.


A detailed map and a full description can be provided for each walk to anyone who wishes to attempt any of them. Please contact Mr Terry Arnold on Tel: 01684 575725.


To see a map of the combined old and new Malvern District Council boundaries, and the walks that were completed - click on -Boundary Walks Map



A Walk Around Our District.


The first boundary walk was in February 2009 (in the snow – see picture)

- clicking on the images will open a larger version.



and since then some 315 miles have been walked in 30 circular walks, each led by a different leader and with an average of 20 members.


Pictured are John, Sally, Lyn and Mike, who managed to complete all 30 long walks.



As a result over 360 obstructions of which 46 were major problems were reported to the Local Authorities. Only 11 of these 46 major obstructions remain and most of the less serious problems have also been cleared. Pictured is a new footbridge (it had simply been an impenetrable hedge and ditch before)



which was installed just in time for boundary walk number 3.


A loose leaf folder will be kept by the Society’s Mapping Section containing a full description and map of each long and short boundary walk so that members can complete any walks they missed or re-walk individual routes in the future.



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