Walks are offered that will suit all tastes and are given grades such as 'easy', 'moderate', 'hilly', 'strenuous' etc, so you can decide if they are suitable.


One of these 'Published Walks' is offered as a download for anyone to use as a taster, to illustrate the type of walks we undertake. It is hoped that it will encourage you to come along on an organised Society walk to enjoy further what the Society has to offer. The walk will be changed on an irregular basis to offer alternatives.


To find the walk on offer at present click on the underlined walk OR HERE and enjoy.


If you can't wait for other walks to be offered free, any of the walks listed on this page are available to purchase for only £1 each. Just phone Terry Arnold on 01684 575725, he will tell you where to send payment, and he will then post the walk details to you once payment is received.


The Society aim is to walk all ‘rights of way' footpaths in the local area.


This area is bounded (approximately) in the south by the Worcestershire/ Gloucestershire border, in the east by the M5 and in the north by the Teme valley. In the west, Society area covers the eastern half of Herefordshire.


Over the past 25 years or so the Society has compiled descriptions of walks linking together many of the local ‘rights of way' footpaths. The descriptions are updated periodically and are available; with all enquiries to Society member Terry Arnold Tel 01684 575725.


In the list on the right, the number identifies the walk reference and is followed by a short description of the walk route, whether it is strenuous or not, and the length.

'n/d' means that no description of the ‘hardness' has been given. ‘Easy' means that the cumulative height climbed during the walk is less than 300ft ‘Moderate' means that the cumulative climb is between 300ft and 1000ft and ‘hilly' means the cumulative climb is over 1000ft. Strenuous is anything above.






The 60 Adopted Walks - with acknowledgements to Stella


1 Hollybed Common to Berrow Wood n/d 6 miles

2 Wichenford, Martley & Wilton Hill n/d 5.5 miles

3 Upton upon Severn and the River Severn easy 5 miles

4 Knightwick, Lulsley & Alfrick hilly 12 miles

5 Colwall & Oyster Hill hilly 5 miles

6 Suckley Hills hilly 6 miles

7 Whitbourne, Knightwick & Suckley moderate 8 miles

8 Little Witley moderate 5 miles

9 West Malvern hilly 10 miles

10 Knightwick hilly 3.5 miles

11 Five Bridges to Bishop's Frome, Cheyney Wood & Halmond's Frome hilly 4 miles

12 Bringsty Common to Lower Sapey moderate 9.5 miles

13 Frith Wood hilly 4.5 miles

14 Putley Green, Woolhope & Much Marcle hilly 12 miles

15 Much Marcle hilly 5 miles

16 Astley & Shrawley Wood easy (1 hill) 8/5.5 miles

17 Welland easy 5 miles

18 Colwall Stone easy 5 miles

19 Guarlford, Hall Green & Hanley Swan easy 4.5 miles

20 Daffodill & canal walk, Dymock to Newent easy 9 miles

21 Malvern Wells hilly 5.75 miles

22 Thornbury & Kyrebatch - moderate 7.5 miles

23 Upper Colwall hilly 4.5 miles

24 Vinesend, Crumpton Hill & Cowleigh hilly 4.5 miles

25 Acton Beauchamp & Stanford Bishop hilly 11 miles

26 Wellington Heath to Ledbury hilly 5.5 miles

27 Colwall& Evendine hilly 4.5 miles

28 Fromes Hill via Catley, Bosbury & Beacon Hill hilly 10 miles

29 Storridge to Knapp Paper Mill Reserve Walk under review) hilly 5.5 miles

30 Bransford to Collett's Green moderate 4 miles

31 Hollybush, Castlemorton Common, Birtsmorton Common, Berrow (Millennium commemorative walk) n/d 10 miles

32 West Malvern West of England Quarry to North End Hill hilly 5 miles

33 Hollybush, Rye Street & Chase End Hill hilly 5 miles

34 Queenshill, Bushley & Lower Lode easy 9.5 miles

35 Alfrick & Knapp Nature Reserve easy 5 miles

36 Mathon & Vinesend easy 6 miles

37 Brockhampton moderate 6.25 miles

38 Naunton, Croome D'Abitot & Upton easy 10 miles

39 Hall Green, Clevelode & Madresfield easy 7 miles

40 Madresfield, Old Hills & Callow End easy 9 miles

41 Bromyard, Bromyard Downs & Buckenhill easy 4 miles

42 Bromyard, Edwin Loach & Edwin Ralph moderate 7 miles

43 Burley Gate - moderate 8 miles

44 Bromyard, Hardwick & Black Venn hilly 6.5 miles

45 Golden Valley, Coombe Green, Castlemorton & Hollybed easy 3 miles

46 Malvern Common, Guarlford, Hanley Swan & Blackmore Park (the Tom Holland walk)easy 5.5 miles

47 Upper Welland (Millenium commemorative walk) easy 6.75 miles

48 Leigh, Hopton Court, Brockamin easy 5 miles

49 Whitbourne Millennium commemorative walk n/d 5 miles

50 Clifton-upon-Teme, Brockhill & Stanford Bridge (Millenium commemorative walk) moderate 10 miles

51 Tedstone Delamere & Lower Sapey moderate 9 miles

52 Pendock - easy 5 miles

53 Great Witley, Abberley, Walsgrove & Woodbury Hill hilly 6.5 miles

54 Ledbury, Eastnor & Kilbury Camp hilly 6.5 miles

55 Clifton-upon-Teme, Lower Sapey & Harpley moderate 12.5 miles

56 Stretton Grandison, Canon Frome & Ashperton easy 10 miles

57 Powick easy 5 miles

58 Hanley Castle easy 6.5 miles

59 Gloucester Border walk - Longdon, Bushley & Forthampton moderate 4.5 mile walk

60 (Walk under review)


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